Figure 3. Statistical development of the percentages of Christian and Muslim populations in Africa with respect to the total population of  Africa as a whole from 1900 to 2010 (WCD)

Here we note the growth of both Christian and Muslim populations from 1900 through 2010.

Table 4. Differences in percentages of Christians and Muslims in the regions of Africa from 1900 to 2010 (WCD)

Eastern AfricaChristians166650
Northern AfricaChristians105-5
Southern AfricaChristians378245
Central AfricaChristians18281
Western AfricaChristians23634

*Much attention in the literature has been given to the Sub-Saharan region, which includes all the countries below the Sahara. We will discuss this particular region in other tab.

As can be seen in Table 4, the greatest increase in percentages of Christians occurred in Central Africa. A spectacular growth in the Christian percentage of the population of that region from 1 to 82% took place in an interval of 110 years. The largest increase in the Muslim percentage of the population (26%) took place in West Africa, but interestingly, the increase of Christianity in the same region was also a solid 34%.