The two regions mentioned (China & sub-Saharan) in connection with strong expected Christian growth also happen to be areas of strong economic growth. According to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) sub-Saharan Africa’s economic growth rate in 2013 was 5.8%, and a rate of 5.7% is expected for 2014, (1)  The World Bank’s estimate (2014) is for growth of about 5.3% (2) Similarly for China, the IMF sets the 2013 growth rate at 8.2% and that for 2014 to be 8.5% (1).

By contrast, the two continents exhibiting significant decreases in percentages of Christian populations (Europe and North America) are wallowing in persistent economic malaise. Europe’s 2013 growth rate was actually a -0.2%, while that of North America was a miniscule +2%. (1) These figures are seen by us as no mere coincidence, but are consistent with the results of a previous statistical analysis we presented in 2013. In that study, a statistically significant relationship was found  to exist between changes in Christian percentages of populations in about 100 different countries and the economic well-being of those nations, as measured by the sovereign credit ratings awarded by the Fitch and Moody firms (3)



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